Verto Analytics

Building an App With Strong Download and Retention Potential

Verto Analytics, Inc. examines what makes an app “sticky.”

The key driver to encourage a consumer to download a new app is word of mouth. However, in addition to getting a consumer to try an app, it is important to ensure the continued use and long-term retention of that app.

Verto Analytics makes the following observations:

-Android users downloaded more apps than iOS users in Q1 2015. Social networking apps were very popular among Android users while iOS users downloaded more health and fitness, productivity, weather, and medical apps. Both users downloaded highly interactive apps, such as games and kid-friendly apps more than any other apps.

-Android users deleted almost 89% of downloaded apps while Apple users deleted more than 82% of their downloaded apps.

-Despite the popularity of game app downloads, they were also the apps that had the highest de-installation rate.

-iOS users had a lower ratio of de-installations than Android users.

-App users updated social networking and lifestyle apps more often than any other app.

-Medical apps had a 40 percent retention rate, which is higher than all other app categories.  In contrast, weather and game apps had the lowest retention rate.

Verto observes that most apps have a short shelf life and that the above trends should be kept in mind when developing an app to increase its trial and retention.

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