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How to Optimize Your Sponsored Content

Writing for iMedia Connection, David Mennie provides tips for creating a successful sponsored content strategy:

-Choose your channel wisely: there should be a good fit between the media channel and the brand.  Select a publication that is authentic to your brand’s message.  Also, consider the audience the brand is trying to reach.

The author stresses the importance of labeling the sponsored content appropriately to avoid losing the trust of the readers.

-Use social media to gain more readers and increase credibility.  It is important to understand the brand’s audience for each social platform to encourage retweets and likes.

-Strike the right balance: a thoughtful approach should stress the brand’s authenticity and provide a consistent brand voice.

The author concludes with the following advice, “Should you choose to dive into the world of sponsored content, do so carefully and with a strong sense of who your brand is, who your readers are, and how to publish stories that are true to both of those audiences.”


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