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How Social Word of Mouth Drive TV Viewing

Ed Keller, CEO of The Keller Fay Group, Mitch Lovett, Associate Professor of Marketing at The University of Rochester, Renana Peres, Associate Professor of Marketing at The Jerusalem School of Business Administration and Beth Rockwood, SVP, Market Resources & Advertising Sales Research at Discovery Communications presented findings of the latest study from The CRE, which is a group of senior research professionals interested in bettering methodological research. They formed a Social Media Committee to ask, “How does social media and other forms of communication influence the choice to a particular program?”

  • To what extent do people engage with social media when deciding what primetime television show to watch? What is the impact of social media compared to word of mouth, promotions, PR, and the “dark social” mix of texting, IMing and emailing?
  • For its study, CRE looked at 78,310 journal entries from 1,665 respondents to gain insight into the consumer contact points that best drive viewership, including Twitter and Facebook.
  • Among their findings: Twitter has a bigger impact when people Tweet while watching the show. By contrast, offline word-of-mouth and Facebook exert stronger influences to watch the next episode when people are not watching the program.

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