ARF Event January 18, 2017 – Leading with Multicultural

The ARF held an event on Multicultural in Advertising in Los Angeles on January 18, 2017 at Nestle’s offices. Here are some key insights and takeaways from some of the speakers:

  • We collect inputs at the DMA level, which allows for modeling of multicultural efforts and comparison of performance. Overall, the Hispanic efforts have done as well as general market efforts. – Robert Reyes, Nestle
  • A Total Market Approach should start with an agnostic assessment of total market from a business opportunity standpoint, mine the data through different lenses, then determine who to hone in on. Ana Crandell, OMD Latino
  • 57 million Hispanics in USA and growing; 85% of that population are online. Thus, the importance of in-language content. Mia Phillips, Toyota
  • Multicultural shoppers consume mobile content at a higher rate than the general population, so mobile-friendly content is key. Fernanda Alcantara, Facebook
  • Hispanics have always been on the leading edge of adopting new platforms and technologies. Adriana Waterston, Horowitz
  • Diversity in the workforce is needed; all marketing staff should to be well-informed on multicultural marketing. Gilbert Davita, Davita Multicultural Insights

You can access the slides and videos from this event, by clicking here and using your myARF login and password.

Editor’s Note: A snapshot of the multicultural nature of the USA today. US Minority Groups Grow to 38% Of The Population – Via Center of Media Research (MediaPost)

Asian-Americans were the fastest-growing minority group in the US last year, with a growth rate of 3.4% reaching 21 million (6.5% of the population) as of July 2015.

The Hispanic population grew by 2.2% and total 56.6 million, representing 17.6% of the population.

African-Americans comprise (46.3 million) 14.4% of the US.

The non-Hispanic white population was essentially unchanged, and totaled 198 million.

The relative youth of the minority population means that just over half of American children under 5 belong to a multicultural group.

Access full article from MediaPost

The Opportunity in Multicultural Programming

The right content, and a little buzz, can generate mass appeal.

Today, we are entering a brave new world where the trade-off between the mission of creating content that connects with culturally unique groups and margin (advertising dollars) might well be broken. That means we may have an entirely new paradigm at play. Well-crafted programming that addresses culturally relevant issues can win a broader audience, and open entirely new pockets of profit potential.

Join us to hear industry experts from Nielsen, The Cambridge Group, NBCU Telemundo, IW Group and the National Association of Independent Latino Producers for a dynamic discussion of this brave new world, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for programmers and advertisers alike.

Moderator: Don Johnson – Principal, The Cambridge Group, a Nielsen company
Rosa Alonso – Director, National Association of Independent Latino Producers Board and CEO, Rosa Alonso Media
Bill Amada – Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer, IW Group
Reny Diaz – Insights and Strategy, NBCU Telemundo Enterprises
Chris Fosdick – Principal, The Cambridge Group, a Nielsen company



8:30-9:00 AM ET: Networking Breakfast
9:00-10:15AM ET: Program

Head and Heart: Making Sense of Multicultural Mindsets

Monique L. Nelson – Chairman & CEO, UWG

Jeff Yang – SVP, Consulting Services, The Futures Company

Introduced by: Colleen Fahey Rush – EVP & CRO, Viacom Media Networks; ARF Board Member

The panel discussed a Marine Corps recruitment campaign targeting second generation Asian-Americans. The campaign was developed by UWG.  

Culture is a factor in decision-making.

Both rational and emotional reasons for becoming a Marine were analyzed. Emotion and rationality were considered as part of researching key areas that shape multicultural mindsets.

Explore the interplay between rational (tangible benefits) and emotional (intangible benefits) mindsets in the multicultural consumer.

They showed a recruitment video for the Marines called “A Warrior’s Education.”

The creative spoke to second-generation Asian Americans who experience a feeling of cultural displacement with their families and in American culture. These individuals stand within two worlds, and have a flexible sense of identity.

These two mindsets are not necessarily exclusive. They can run concurrently.

The decision to become a Marine is extremely engaged. Depending on culture, there are different tendencies operating. These individuals can use code-switching to fit in the majority environments, but also to stand out in these environments. They need to be able to adapt and function in sharply different cultural realities.

In the same way, multicultural consumers alternate in behavior but also in mindset. They tend to “think in color” in emotionally charged contexts.

  • Younger consumers tend to be more engaged, while older consumers are more habitual.
  • Hispanic, African-American, Asian-Americans are more engaged while non-Hispanic whites are more likely to be habitual.

Emotion and rationality are always at play in decision-making, all the time.

Marketing to multicultural consumers acknowledges the fluidity of their identity. They will have a rational consideration but the emotional connection is what makes their final decision.

In “A Warrior’s Education,” you see authentic storytelling about 1st Lt. David Pham, a Marine from a similar background. The videos were watched exclusively on Facebook and supported on marines.com.

The first video outlined the concept of self-discipline. The second video shows the importance of “respect” and love in leadership. The creative leverages content for the head and heart and is tailored to this particular group.

Appeal to the dual connection that involves their thinking processes and emotional drive.

Find the common ground between groups, take a universal approach, and find the “sweet spot” to make your appeal even stronger. Family is one of the cultural touchstones for Asian Americans that was leveraged the videos. These spots scored high for rationality and emotionality.

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