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Movie Selection-The Influence of Online and Mobile Behavior

Think with Google examines the movie attending behavior of consumers to determine the influence of mobile devices and online behavior on the selection of a movie.

According to Google, 35M+ hours of movie trailers have been viewed on YouTube via mobile devices as of June 30, 2015

Moviegoers, especially teens and young millennials, turn to Google and YouTube on their mobile devices:

81% of movie-goers who watched trailers online did so via YouTube.

69% of consumers look at movie trailers on YouTube to decide which movie to attend.

56% of searches related to movie tickets are from a mobile device.

More than 50% of moviegoers agree that they are more likely to watch a movie trailer or movie ad on YouTube than on television.


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The Addictive Power of Smartphones

Writing for Digital Intelligence Today, Dr. Paul Marsden discusses the addictive relationship consumers have with their smart phones that extends to the level of nomophobia (no mobile phone fear).  On average, consumers check their personal mobile devices about 150 times a day.

Among the statistics presented by Marsden:

-Attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds since 2000.

-43% of consumers abandon emails if they take more than 30 seconds to read.

-40% of people leave sites that don’t load within 3 seconds.

-32% require speakers to make their point in less than 15 seconds.

Marketers must respond to the consumer’s shrinking attention span and demand for instant gratification.


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US Lags in Adoption of Mobile Banking

Findings by comScore reveal that 65% of Americans who own a mobile phone or tablet do not use their mobile device for banking activities.

A survey conducted by comScore in April 2015 reveals the most popular reasons for not using mobile banking services, which include:

42% of surveyed consumers prefer to use their desktop computer.

36% are concerned about security.

22% prefer to visit their local branch or office.

Suggestions are presented by comScore to alleviate consumer concerns and increase the adoption of mobile banking.


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