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“Bridging Data Science and Research Insights” – MediaScience

The session is designed to help empower researchers by better acquainting them with data science opportunities.  At the same time, data scientists lacking media experience are being thrown into the deep end with demands for answers to questions the context of which they don’t fully understand. 

 The session helps educate them on the benefits of collaboration.  Bridging the gap between these communities will be critical to both groups going forward.

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Conference Paper – “The Purchase Journey: How do Radio and OOH Stack Up?” – iHeartRadio/SMG

In today’s time-pressed world, where consumers decide what and when to buy in decreasing time units, marketers are challenged to reach their target audiences at the most influential moment.

SMG and iHeart Media collaborated on research to better understand which media types and vehicles can impact  consumer decision-making by examining the data signals that consumers share during their path to purchase.

Through an analysis of the SMG proprietary global consumer panel, PACE, we examined the relationship between media exposure and category consideration and purchase, giving insight into the role of different media channels during that journey, and how it varies by category and by target audience.

From MediaPost– “The Key to Audience-Based Metrics: Testing, Testing and More Testing”

“Science needs validation,” said George Ivie, CEO of the Media Rating Council. The event was the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) Cross-Platform Media Measurement and Data Summit last week.

That perspective seems to align with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In a primer the association released on improving ad viewability, they outlined strategies for working with third-party vendors or using an internal measurement system as a “source of truth” that can be used as a baseline and in testing.