J. Walter Thompson

How Data Inspires Creativity

Lynn Power, President, J. Walter Thompson, New York and Eric Weisberg, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, New York opened this session with what CMOs are being overwhelmed by: Complexity; Pressure; Reactive; Unprepared; Stretched.

The 1960’s creative process is gone, and the competition between the creative and account functions have been replaced by creative, account, analytics and strategy personnel working together.

Since the definition of creativity has changed; having different points of view in the room becomes even more valuable.  Freeks and Geeks have melded to work together, which leads to better results and more fun. (If you are not doing this at your job, you need to leave.)  There is a need for “dot connections” in the agencies.

Four J. Walter Thompson case studies served to illustrate the speakers’ point that data inspires creativity:

  • Zyrtec allergy app with real time info on mobile devices tells consumer what they are allergic to and gives consumers information on treatment. Interactive app has been used for 15 minutes a month, with a 19% lift in purchase and evidence that consumers have changed brands to use Zyrtec.
  • KitKat meets technology-KitKat Android was the result. The partnership between KitKat and Android required new a creative process. The new product was successful for both KitKat and Android.  The simple iconic image, a chocolate Android, launched with tweets and achieved 4.96 billion impressions. This campaign positioned KitKat as “new age.”
  • Berocca, which is a mental sharpness product, leveraged data by using the fact that attendees at South by Southwest used the hashtag incorrectly. The idea was to associate the corrected hashtag #SXSW with Berocca.  The brand achieved 7 million impressions for $5,000.
  • Healthy Day App was created to help consumers escape colds and flus. Making the professional medical data usable by consumers helps people find out what is trending.


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