Editor’s Note: From the AM Conference in June. Combat (Digital) Fraud to Drive ROI – Presented by Aaron Fetters, comScore, Inc.; Amaya Garbayo, Kellogg; and Jon Suarez-Davis, Krux

IVT (Invalid Traffic Detection) includes hijacked devices, malware, bots, and misappropriated content – all forms of non-human traffic. Kellogg C-level suite executives asked what the company was doing to combat IVT fraud. In response, the firm worked with Krux and comScore to attack and reduce IVT (see deck). The process saved the company an estimated $2 million.

Among the key takeaways:

  • More granular data can help advertisers minimize IVT
  • Impression-level IVT suppression frees advertisers to buy cost-effective programmatic inventory
  • Technology and data collaboration is critical to minimizing IVT

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