Silence is Golden: Brands Win Supporting Roles

Dan Aversano, SVP, Client & Consumer Insights at Turner Broadcasting and Chad R. Maxwell, SVP, Research at Starcom MediaVest Group developed a partnership to increase the effectiveness of IPPs (In-Program Placements).

Insights included:

  • Authenticity and relatability are vital if the brand is to communicate effectively. Both content and context are important to effectiveness.
  • Subtler executions of IPPS can be more effective.
  • Adjacencies with traditional ads can be maximized. When and where rules for adjacencies are important.  But whether the companion ad for the IPP should be placed before or after the IPP depends on the situation, and should be tested.

Effective IPPs can be created if the following contextual components are considered:

  • Viewers have different relationships with different product categories.
  • Consistency is important.
  • There are issues around “crossing the line.”
  • Iconic brands are held to different standards.

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