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Who Are the 15% of Americans Who Don’t Use the Internet?

Pew Research Center’s recent report shows that despite the importance of the Internet for information, news, shopping, and communications with family and friends, 15% of American adults do not use the Internet.  This percentage has not substantially changed over the past three years.

This Pew Research analysis reveals that Internet non-adoption is correlated with a number of demographic variables, including age, educational attainment, household income, race and ethnicity, and community type.

Included in these findings:

39% of adults ages 65+ do not use the Internet.

33% of adults with less than a high school education are offline.

25% of adults earning less than $30,000 annually do not use the Internet.

24% of rural Americans are offline.

20% of Black Americans and 18% of Hispanics are offline.

The Pew Research concludes that over time, the offline population has been shrinking, and the increases in Internet use have been significant for seniors and adults without a high school diploma.

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