Insights for Marketers From The World Happiness Report

Dr. Paul Marsden provides insights from the 2015 World Happiness Report. These insights can provide valuable guidelines for marketers seeking deeper engagement with their customers.

-Customer ratings of their happiness with product, service and brand experiences provide an opportunity for marketers to understand customer satisfaction. Happiness can be measured with the Cantril Ladder.

-Understanding the six drivers of human happiness revealed by this report (health, social support, household income/GDP, trust, generosity, and freedom) provide marketers with the key to positioning their products to satisfy these drivers.

-Knowledge of positive and negative human emotions can provide marketers with guidance when developing campaigns. Critically important to emotional happiness are freedom, generosity, and social support.

-Marketers can help customers achieve purpose and meaning in their lives, which are important factors for human happiness.

Aligning with customer happiness can provide opportunities for marketers.
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