Forecasts 2016

Trends for 2016: Six Predictions for What Will Happen

eMarketer provides predictions for digital advancements in 2016, which include the impact of mobile, from messaging apps to mobile commerce.

eMarketer’s Six Predictions for 2016:

-The Voice of the Consumer Will Be Heard.

Consumers are using their smartphones to make business calls.  As a result, marketers must be prepared to optimize digital content for speech-based queries and must ensure that content can be located by digital personal assistants.

-Marketers Will Join the Conversation (in Messaging Apps).

Facebook will add more services and marketing opportunities for brands in both Messenger and WhatsApp.

-Mobile Payments Will Take Off.

Mobile wallets will become a standard feature on smartphones and increasing numbers of retail stores will accept proximity payments.

-Mobile Commerce Will Move Down the Funnel.

Mobile commerce will represent a larger portion of retail sales as consumers transition from mobile shopping to mobile buying.

-Millennials and Centennials Will Be OK With Releasing Even More Data.

Consumers, especially younger ones, will be willing to give up more of their personal data to marketers and publishers in return for the convenience and value of the connected world.

-Facebook Will Become Nearly Entirely Mobile.

In Q3 2015, 78% of Facebook’s $4.3 billion in worldwide ad revenue came from mobile.

During the same period, 727 million of Facebook’s 1.55 billion MAUs were mobile-only, equivalent to 47% of users.

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