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Key Elements of Long-Term Market Leadership

While market share leadership is a strategic imperative for many leading companies, surprisingly little is known about market leaders. To rectify this, researchers in this MSI working paper looked into four key issues: (1) the frequency of market leaders maintaining their leadership over periods ranging from 5 to 89 years; (2) whether leading brands that lose their leadership are able to regain it or if loss of leadership tends to be permanent; (3) whether market leadership persistence varies as a function of economic conditions (i.e., GDP growth rate, inflation, unemployment); and (4) whether market leadership persistence varies by category type.

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Doldrum of COVID Leads to Breakthrough Creative

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, PepsiCo embarked on a 21-month research project to find out how the quarantining affected people’s lives. The goal: adapt its brand messaging to the experiences of its core consumers, from both a human and consumption perspective, and then develop new creative. “We know that our primary consumers are really out there,” Kevin Moeller of PepsiCo said, citing data on Pepsi’s core base. “They enjoy letting loose, they don’t like to hold back. They’re people that sing karaoke and cheer at sports events. So how did quarantining impact them?”

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Growing ROI with YouTube ABCDs Creative Effectiveness Guidelines

Creative is the dominant ROI driver across all media platforms according to Nielsen Catalina Solutions: creative 49%, media 36%, and brand 15%. However, creative is challenging to measure. The speakers provided an ABCD insights framework for building effective ads on YouTube based on the key creative elements that drive sales as proven by Google’s partner, Nielsen.

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Can Food Service Delivery Continue to Deliver?

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Food delivery service grew substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to restaurant shutdowns. But new research shows that most of the growth actually came from pre-pandemic customers placing more frequent and larger orders. As restaurants reopen, consumers may revert back to pre-pandemic behaviors, challenging future growth in this category.

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How Long Can Brands Go Dark before Sales Suffer?


How long can large- and medium-size brands, with stable sales histories, afford to halt broad-reach advertising? The answer, according to a new study, is about two years before sales and market share start to shrink. Those brands are the exception. Previously declining brands, especially small ones, will see sales drop even further when going dark for a year.

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