Executives still mistrust insights from data and analytics – via CIO

Data and analytics are increasingly becoming central to business decision-making. But even as organizations push to make their decision-making more data-driven, business leaders accustomed to making decisions based on gut-instincts and experience are having trouble trusting insights from data and analytics (D&A).

Forrester Consulting, commissioned by the Data and Analytics Global team at professional services firm KPMG, recently surveyed 2,165 data and analytics decision-makers from a range of industries in nine nations.

KPMG recommends organizations address seven key areas to close the trust gaps:

  •  Assess the trust gaps
  •  Create purpose by clarifying goals
  •  Raise awareness to increase internal engagement
  •  Develop an internal data and analytics culture
  •  Open up the ‘black box’ to encourage greater transparency
  •  Provide a 360-degree view by building ecosystems
  •  Stimulate innovation and analytics R&D to incubate new ideas and maintain a  competitive stance

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