Strategies for Sustaining Social Media Engagement

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Engaging consumers on social media platforms is extremely advantageous for firms. Yet, sustaining engagement is not always easy. Usership often drops off. The field experiment described in this Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper shows helpful ways to sustain social media engagement and offers insights into the positive effects of offering certain members power in their online community (OC).

How Influencer KPI Patterns Differ across Social Media Platforms


Brands increasingly use social media influencers as part of their marketing strategy, yet methods for measuring their effectiveness and for choosing optimal partners are unreliable. New research analyzing the key performance indicators (followers and engagement) of 180 influencers, across five social media platforms, identifies patterns that marketers can use toward establishing partnerships with the right influencers.

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Know Your Meme – Sensory Memetics & Audience Engagement

Allison GutkowskiDirector of Global Research, HCD Research

Michelle Niedziela, Ph.D.VP of Research & Innovation, HCD Research

  Allison Gutkowski and Michelle Niedziela of HCD Research covered unique approaches to increasing consumer engagement and introduced the concept of sensory memetics, which they describe as an approach to curating it. They also shared their thoughts on identifying consumer habits and lifestyle and incorporating these with sensory profiling to make them more meaningful. Moreover, utilizing new technologies, like ChatGPT, can offer new product ideas and social media marketing messages that evoke brand harmony and are more engaging. They also dove into the theoretical drivers behind behaviors that either spell engagement or ad avoidance and where the line is between authenticity and distrust due to sponsorship.

Key Takeaways

  • More bridges should be made between R&D and marketing to inform better on consumer’s lifestyle and find ways to become a part of it.
  • Sensory profiling and cross-modal associations (i.e., a picture of a rubber ball you can hear in your memory) can improve the product experience and social media messaging about the product.
  • It’s important to embody brand harmony and that all aspects meet consumer expectations.
  • Tools like ChatGPT can help create and test novel flavors and nuanced product possibilities, as well as conjure unique messaging ideas for social.
  • Design Fiction or a closed social media feed can be used to test messaging.
  • More and more sensory people are being hired to work at brands.

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Brands Should Communicate Positive Reviews to Customers Post-Purchase


Can reading online customer reviews (OCRs) influence the opinion of a consumer who has already experienced a product? The answer is yes, new research finds. It turns out, consumers are far more persuaded by online customer reviews than previously thought, according to this research. The findings have significant implications in how best to communicate with customers post-purchase.

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Super Bowl Research Insights

While the various polls looking at the “Best Super Bowl Commercials” tend to vary widely in their results, advertising experts show a lot of agreement on what makes Super Bowl ads successful.

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Evidence-Based Research for Effective Marketing

On November 9, 2022, industry leaders joined us to share highlights from EffWorks Global 2022 — a week-long celebration of the best new thinking and evidence-based decision-making research for marketing effectiveness. Topics of discussion included: marketing in the post-Covid economy, effective advertising in unprecedented times, the value of Share of Voice/Share of Attention/Share of Search in terms of effectiveness and commercial decision making, and more.

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ATTENTION METRICS: Moving from Laboratory to Field Applications

On September 12, the ARF and Adelaide co-hosted an event to deepen understanding around how attention metrics work, how to utilize them and the nuances of their application to media and advertising quality measurement. Attention Economy experts from Adelaide, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the ARF, The Attention Council, Havas Media Group, OMD USA, Realeyes and TVision hosted shared presentations and held focused discussions on how attention metrics can optimize the match between media placement and consumer targets, improve creative testing and overall campaign outcomes, and more.

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Attention Events

Two events take place next week that are designed to help marketers create attention-grabbing and effective messages.

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Measuring Influencer Impact

The ANA has introduced a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement to help advertisers better assess influencer marketing’s value. Read more »