JAR Update

New research insights are available in a report in the Journal of Advertising Research’s Insights Studio and on the Digital First section of its website.    Read more »

The Value of Time in Advertising

Here are highlights from a panel discussion built on research and discourse from two ARF Town Halls about the quality of ad impressions on different platforms. Two issues were highlighted: measurement challenges and assessing the value of time spent with and attention to advertising.

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What is DSP in Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is all about using technology to streamline the ad buying process. With AI-based algorithms doing the legwork for them, advertisers can be sure they’re launching more efficient, targeted and relevant campaigns for their audiences.   Read more »

Why We Should Measure Disengagement

Attention to advertisements and content is a hot topic today. New measures designed to assess engagement and identify powerful creative and sticky content are being employed. However, a new study suggests that the focus on engagement misses an important aspect: disengagement.   Read more »