Editor’s Note – A definition of content marketing: creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. The Science of Engagement – Content Matters – presented by Andrew Tenzer, Head of Global Research BBC Global News Ltd.

This original research focused on content marketing was presented by BBC Global News at the Audience Measurement (AM) conference held in June.

The approach: digital consumers of English language international news age 16+; six markets (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Canada and Germany); quantitative survey + facial coding + implicit response testing.

Among the key takeaways:

  • There is heightened engagement where brand involvement is fully transparent
  • Properly executed, content marketing is trusted and persuasive
  • It can have a powerful emotional impact on brands
  • Referencing the brand within the narrative works harder for the advertiser

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Leadership Lab: The Gold Rush of Google Analytics

The Gold Rush of Google Analytics – How to Get the Most out of Google Analytics Tools

Liz Raschke – Analytics Premium, Client Engagement Specialist, Google


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Instagram Content Helps Brands Maintain Strong Engagement

L2 examines the Instagram activity of 250 major brands in nine categories in its second annual Instagram Intelligence Report.  This report reveals that Instagram content, rather than audience size or posting frequency helps brands to maintain strong engagement with consumers.

Factors which contribute to stronger engagement include:

-Posting a variety of content, such as lifestyle photography and celebrities photos

-Attaching the brand to an influencer, which can be a person or an event

Posting more frequently actually has an inverse relationship with engagement.

Automotive brands and sportswear brands have high engagement rates.  Companies with the strongest correlation between audience and engagement often share a combination of Millennial popularity, strong lifestyle branding, and iconic visuals.


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