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Optimizing Interventions Along the Customer Journey

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Random controlled experiments for A/B testing help improve things like a company's marketing or customer service. However, individually optimizing interventions may not always capture interactions across the entire purchase decision journey. To optimize interventions more holistically, use a Bayesian reinforcement learning model. It can integrate multiple historical experiments, which can improve both current impact as well as future learning.

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Luminaries Discuss Optimizing the Customer Experience


The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) held a critical, one-day event in New York City during Ad Week, to investigate one of the most crucial factors in business today—optimizing the customer experience. It is critical for brand success. There were thought-provoking presentations by luminaries in the field. Speakers from Ben & Jerry’s, Levi’s, Salesforce, Kantar, CBS and more, shared their insights. Here are just a couple of the topics covered. Here are just a couple of the topics covered.

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The Critical Importance of the Customer Experience to Corporate Success

Victor Milligan, Forrester Research’s CMO, discusses how the creation of a superior and differentiated customer experience (CX) is a crucial priority for his organization as well as for most companies. He points out that putting this priority into action is a challenge for many companies.  Focusing on the  customer experience is a new kind of operating model.  It is not an attitude, tagline, or one-time corporate initiative. Among Milligan’s observations:: -CX is about the customers, on their terms and in their voices. -CX analytics must consider the quality of the customers’ experience.  Customer satisfaction and advocacy metrics are no longer sufficient. -CX improvement must be connected to operational changes and requires a committed financial investment by the company. See all 5 Cups articles.