cross-platform ratings


Conference Paper – “The Economics of Attention: TV Ads That Trigger Sales” – Harvard/Tvision

Television commercials have always needed to capture the audience’s attention before communicating their message. Sometimes the TV is turned on in people’s homes as background noise, e.g., “the second screen” while our smartphones have become “the primary screen.” How should advertisers and their agencies adapt to this growing concern and create TV commercials that work when consumers are looking at the TV but not focusing on the brand message, or are not looking at the TV, or worse, aren’t even in the room?

The presenters will reveal findings on what ads get people to pay attention to the TV screen in 2015. And how they are fundamentally different from successful ads of 5 years ago.

From Broadcasting&Cable – “comScore Sends Clients First Cross-Platform Ratings”

The company said the ratings are based on fully integrated panel and census-based data sets and span linear TV, time-shifted TV, video-on-demand and digital viewing.

The ratings data goes back to the Fall of 2015 and is based on 37 million TVs for linear viewing, 117 million TVs for VOD and digital data.

“People are consuming content in smaller and smaller slices, and our clients want to know every opportunity they have to reach those individuals regardless of where, when and how they’re watching,” said Caroline Horner, SVP at comScore.

Both comScore and Nielsen have promised to produce syndicated cross-platform measurement products this year.

“It’s great to see the newly merged comScore move rapidly in this direction, and I look forward to seeing their preliminary data,” said Colleen Fahey Rush, EVP and chief research officer at Viacom.