Cross-Media ROAS

“CrossMedia ROAS – The Optimal Mix” – RMT

Our research uses A/B testing of diverse (social, native, mobile, video, addressable TV, zone TV, etc.) digital options on top of the national layer of brand TV as it exists.

It is anticipated that some of the A/B tests will include bold options such as social-dominant digital allocation, native-dominant, mobile-dominant, etc.

Questions to be addressed include:

-What is the optimal form of digital/advanced platform advertising/native to use synergistically with traditional TV?

-How does this differ by product vertical (CPG, Auto, Rx, Tune-in, Other)?

-How does this differ by brands in the same vertical?

-Are there so many variables that each brand has to continually test for optimal digital/advanced mix because new creative or other factors could change the optimal digital mix?

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