client/agency relationships

Why Marketers Should Be More Transparent with the Ad Agencies They Hire

Jun Heo, Assistant Professor at the Manship School of Mass Communications, Louisiana State University and John C. Sutherland, Professor and Chair Emeritus, University of Florida, writing in the December 2015 Journal of Advertising Research present their research on the marketer-media planner relationship.  Their research, from the media planner point of view, describes how the relationship can be improved.  The authors suggest that both information sharing and transparency by marketers have the potential to contribute to a long-term relationship with media planners, which would have financial and other benefits for both agencies and marketers.  Professors Heo and Sutherland suggest specific information-sharing actions that marketers can take to engage media planners.  They also suggest that future research should explore the client’s view on this subject.


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Brand Marketers Reveal How Agencies Can Foster More Productive Client/Agency Relationships

Portada reports on a current Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Survey which reveals the areas of agreement and disagreement between clients and their agencies.

Among the questions clients were asked, “What could your agency do to foster a more productive client/agency relationship?”

Top responses:

-Be more proactive

-Have a better understanding of the client’s business

-Integrate/collaborate with other agencies

-Increase transparency

Enhancing client/agency relationships is essential to both partners in the industry.


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