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How Does Recall Work in Advertising? via the JAR

The September 2016 issue of the JAR includes four papers addressing the question, “How Does Recall Work in Advertising?” Last week featured a pair of papers, the remaining two are presented here.

Comparing Brand Placements and Ads on Brand Recall and Recognition

Despite the popularity of brand placements in television programming, little is known about their effectiveness when used separately compared with when they are combined with commercials.

Key takeaway: There are beneficial synergy effects by using a mixture of these promotional tactics. And for established brands well-known by consumers … marketers should consider using brand placement tactics … as they appear to be as effective at enhancing recognition as costlier commercials.

Can Brand Users Really Remember Advertising More Than NonUsers.

The authors’ research, across six different measures, shows the user bias in memory for advertising is … a real phenomenon, occurring under a wide range of conditions.

Key takeaway: All advertising awareness measures are shown to be biased to users. This has implications for creative design, branding, and pretesting, particularly with advertising that primarily aims to attract nonusers.

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