From MediaPost – Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line

Those born between 1946 and 1964 accounted for 70% of the disposable income in the United States. Boomers’ possess immense consumer power; they drive almost 50% of all retail sales whereas Millennials represent a mere 10%. Still, the AARP estimates less than 10% of marketing dollars are spent targeting them. 

Boomers are, in fact, modern and tech savvy, and they’ve got more money to spend than any other demographic.

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How to Bridge the Generational Screen Gap

Millward Brown Digital found that while younger audiences consume less TV than older generations, the majority of consumers across all generations still rely on laptops or PCs. The study, which was cited in AdAge, also found that “for low-attention tasks, audiences prefer smartphones, but that as the amount of time spent on a task increases — usually after a five-minute threshold — so does laptop and PC usage for all groups. Screen size and speed were the biggest determinants of screen preference across generations.” Read more »