ad blindness

Ad Blindness

Mike O’Brien, writing for ClickZ, analyzes the challenge for mobile advertisers to overcome consumer “ad blindness” to mobile ads.

The rapidly growing number of mobile ads has left consumers feeling oversaturated with these ads.  This problem is exacerbated by the extremely short attention span of consumers.  Peter Szabo, Senior Vice President of Music and Ad Sales at Shazam, discusses the need of consumers for instant gratification. He observes that consumers lose interest if they cannot find an item on a retail website within five seconds.

O’Brien points out that interactive mobile ads created in partnership with Shazam allow customers of Target to “Shazam” QR codes, print and TV ads, and be brought to the product listing pages for their desired items.

Joe Laszlo, Senior Director of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, provides additional examples of brands creating effective mobile ads: The Home Depot and Very, a British e-retailer, both provide weather-related ads.

O’Brien feels that interactive mobile ads provide brands with an opportunity to more deeply engage with consumers.


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