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Young Pros

Make Your Mark Bootcamp

ARF Young Pros

November 3, 2014

Google Chelsea Market Offices, NYC – Following the success of last year’s sold-out bootcamp, the ARF Young Pros turned this year’s edition into the ARF’s first-ever, half-day conference for young working professionals.

Make Your Mark

Appropriately called the “Make Your Mark Bootcamp”, the conference featured over a dozen senior executive speakers and workshops that armed Young Pros with valuable insights and new skills to help them stand out at work.

Attendees heard from the likes of the ARF President and CEO, Gayle Fuguitt, who welcomed the young pros as the future leaders of the industry, and President of Consumer & Shopper Marketing at IRI, Bob Tomei, who reminded those present to follow their passions and always embrace innovation.

Also there to share insights from years of experience were Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, Vanessa Oshima, VP of Corporate Strategy and Insights at Coca-Cola, Japan, and Dr. Robby Hart, Head of Analytics and Modeling at The NPD Group.

Fetherstonhaugh offered sage advice on how to navigate a career in stages. The first stage should be devoted to building transportable skill-sets; learn how to become a great problem solver, a persuasive communicator, a team player, a magnet for other talent, or an intelligent risk taker. “You need at least 4-5 years in one place to really become excellent at what you do”, he explained.

Oshima explored the importance of having courage and convictions. In a strategy and insights role, she holds her team accountable for answering not only what something is and why it’s important, but also for recommending a course of action. “Have the courage to have a point of view”, Oshima challenged.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hart, described how organizations that become too siloed can wind up with significant knowledge gaps. Hiring the right people is essential to bridging those gaps. The implications for young pros: rather than trying to be good at everything, “…look for opportunities to be able to contribute in ways that are unique. Look for something that’s not being done by someone else”.

The highlight of the ‘Make Your Mark Bootcamp’ was the bootcamp itself. Young pros divided up and rotated through a series of workshops aimed at professional development. Some learned data visualization techniques, while others practiced public speaking or learned how to boost their productivity with LinkedIn. A final group had the chance to peer into the future with a demo from the Google Glass team.

As afternoon faded into evening, the young pros were served dinner and treated to a screening of “Briefly”, the latest film from Basset & Partners. The mini-doc took viewers on a journey through the minds of renowned artists, architects, designers and ad agency moguls as they unpacked the creative brief.

When the film was over Young Pros made there way downstairs to the bar where the ARF Young Pros 3rd Anniversary celebration was just getting underway. What better way to end a jam-packed day than with an open bar, snacks, games, prizes and a chance to network with the best and brightest of your peers?

By David Ho, BET
ARF Young Pros Advisory Board