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Young Pros

ARF Young Pros event

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and the ARF event team for the evident hard work you poured into the Young Pro’s Boot Camp yesterday. I can honestly say it was by far one of the best conferences I have ever had the honor of attending. The entire day flowed excellently, from Gayle’s GPS to Success (I especially agreed with how our industry is being held increasingly accountable for our work and how we must stand for our values), to Brian Fetherstonhaugh’s steadfast belief in transferable skills and building deep meaningful relationships, to one of Vanessa Oshima’s *many* brilliant quotables: “Don’t wait for the future, create the future.” The breakout sessions were trendy, valuable, and fun. The Briefly video radiantly showcased the artistry of our craft. And the happy hour at the Tippler was a nice touch, the icing on the cake. I left the boot camp event feeling inspired, and I know I’m not the only one.

Shabazz Kelton

The Young Pros hold leadership, networking, and professional development events throughout the year with a focus on cultivating talent and connecting young people to leading industry thinkers.The mission of the Young Pros is to engage the next generation of industry leaders as valued contributors to the Advertising Research Foundation, and the research community broadly. We do this by providing leadership opportunities for young professionals within the ARF and by creating opportunities for Young Pros to access the wealth of resources available through the ARF and its members. Specifically, the ARF Young Pros group provides a place for young research professionals to network, learn, and lead.

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