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Women in Analytics

WIA Inaugural Event at Facebook

ASPIRE to change the world, one connection and one network at a time
– Gayle Fuguitt, ARF President & CEO

WIA Inaugural Event at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, California

On July 14, 2015, the WIA Inaugural Event was held at Facebook HQ, thanks to our generous hosts, Brad Smallwood, Daniel Slotwiner, and of course Keynote Speaker Carolyn Everson.

  Carolyn Everson
Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Carolyn Everson is the Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, where she leads the company’s relationships with top marketers and agencies. Carolyn oversees a team of regional leaders, and the teams focused on global partnerships, global agencies, and Facebook’s Creative Shop. She was named to the top of AdWeek’s “AdWeek 50” in October 2014, a “Woman to Watch” by Advertising Age, and was included on Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list two years in a row.

During her keynote, she shared the Facebook vision “to make the world more open and connected” and her dedication to a culture of honest feedback. Carolyn encourages bold thinking, asking:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

On a more personal note, she discussed having her own “board of directors” that help her in her personal life, and even shared a the story of being fired from her own company, Pets.com. Carolyn realized that sharing vulnerability is valuable—it helps create credibility, transparency and connection. Consider your vulnerability, openness to stereotypes, willingness to “get $%&# done!”

One of the main goals of the WIA Inaugural Event was to share career stories, and plenty of inspiration came from an amazing array of female leaders:

Daina Middleton
Head of Global Business Marketing, Twitter
“Discern Grace from Grit and find your mix,” advised Daina. Grace is about listening, gathering and communicating.; Grit is about taking action (and taking credit!) Women must be both.

Nancy Smith
President and CEO, Analytic Partners

Nancy spoke on gender roles and shared the lessons her own daughters taught her regarding society’s role in shaping and essentially making up what those roles are. However, roles, can change—one way is through communication and ads (after all, we know that advertising works.)

Megan Clarken
EVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen

Megan shared her amazing story—she grew up in a tough part of town, with gangs (that taught her respect) and became a world-class and award-winning athlete, with the opportunity to travel the world. She set to compete in the Seoul Olympics, until an accident took that dream away.

She came up with a new dream, using 4 principles:

  • Never give up (you always can make a choice)
  • Don’t take crap from anyone
  • Rarely fly solo
  • Get stuff done. If you say you will do it, then you have to do it (otherwise you are a liar.)

Megan urged the group to listen and then evoke change, to understand and respect people, learn about their journeys and what makes them the way they are. Then, focus on outcomes, instead of the barriers.

Believing in the power of co-mentoring to build the future, Mary Ann Packo led the way to Make Your Mark, a series of career discussions and mentoring opportunities between all levels of attending leaders.

Mary Ann Packo
CEO, Millward Brown, North America

Mary Ann urged the group to bring the power of the room to daily challenges to truly change the world.

There were two twenty-minute rounds of co-mentoring, where an honest view of challenges and opportunities for talented women were shared. Questions used to guide the conversation were on the topics of Opportunities, Leadership Skills, and Challenges.

In her closing remarks, ARF President & CEO Gayle Fuguitt asked the audience to think of three thing that they learned at the event and encouraged that those three things be shared with three people.

Following the event were cocktails on the Garden, and dinner at Joya.