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How Advertising Works Now: The Consumer and Customer in Charge

Opening: Embrace Risk & Experimentation
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF

How Advertising Works Today: Groundbreaking Insights 30 years in the Making from the ARF
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF
Dr. Manuel Garcia – SVP, Research & Innovation: Global and Ad Effectiveness, The ARF
Chris Bacon – EVP, Global Research Quality & Innovation, The ARF
The Direct Sell: The Science of Engaging Consumers in Health Care & B2B Markets
Susan McDonald – President & CEO, NAXION

Creating the Museum of the Future: Using Science to Reinvent the Museum Experience
Kaywin Feldman – Duncan & Nivin MacMillan Director & President, MIA
Douglas Hegley – Director of Media and Technology, MIA
Kristin Prestegaard – Chief Engagement Officer, MIA
Inviting Engagement: The Science of Digital Media in Effective B2B Marketing
Dave Morgan – Founder & CEO, Simulmedia; ARF Board of Directors

Reinventing the Consumer Living Room: Engaging Consumers with Great Design Available Anytime, Anywhere
Maurice Blanks – Co-Founder, COO, Blu Dot Furniture
Of Correlations and Causalities; New Research on the Relationship Between Show Fandom and Ad Receptivity
Mike Bloxham – SVP, National Television and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates
Howard Shimmel – Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting; ARF Board of Directors
Building Great Brands: Why Brands Need Contradictions
Belle Frank – EVP, Global Director, Strategic Growth & Integration, Y&R

Closing: Putting Your Action Plan to Work Back at Your Desk
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF