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Interested in exhibiting at Re!Think 2016? Please contact Daniel Bulgrin at dbulgrin@thearf.org.

Get recognized for your most innovative and impactful work in marketing analytics.  Participate in The ANA Genius Awards recognizing companies and individuals leading the way in applying analytics to prove the value of marketing. Winners will share a $100,000 cash prize pool for the charities of their choice.  Nominations are now open and entries will be accepted starting April 1, 2016

Invoke hosts large-scale online research events that combine qualitative perspectives with sample sizes typically found in quantitative studies.  Clients and stakeholders participate as the research unfolds in real-time – discussing key words and sentiment in the open-ended responses, analyzing dynamic score cards, inserting on-the-fly questions and conducting 1:1 chats.  This highly collaborative and creative process enables leading brands and agencies to cycle-through ideas, understand “why”, and make smart decisions – quickly and confidently.

Luth Research has been a market research leader since 1977 and continues to make groundbreaking advancements in next generation customer intelligence. Powered by ZQ Intelligence which passively captures the digital journeys of consumers across devices, Luth creates the innovative technology and research methods required for businesses to thrive. From survey research to passively tracking digital behavior, Luth blends research expertise with proprietary data collection resources to offer unmatched customer insights.

Founded by Dr. Duane Varan, MediaScience is the thought leader in redefining consumer research. We differentiate ourselves by bringing the discipline of true science to media and marketing research. Deriving our insights using a method-agnostic approach, we take the best from traditional research and leverage the most advanced neuroscience tools to understand the consumer holistically. MediaScience’s Beyond :30 consortium also partners with Fortune 100 companies to address the most pressing issues facing the industry today.

are the creators of Surveys On The Go®, the number one native survey app that provides consumer insights never before thought possible. We leverage mobile devices and their unique features to gain the most accurate data.  With proven mobile research methodologies, we drive results for your brand. Our data provides the deepest consumer insights at the Point-of-Emotion® that can be used to optimize your business and achieve your company’s goals.

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience helps brands to build deeper connections with their consumers and to optimize product and communication performance.  We are a global leader in integrated consumer neuroscience, combining biometrics, neurometrics and psychometrics to deliver an unprecedented understanding of non-conscious, emotional consumer behavior.

The University of Georgia & MRII
offer online  certificate courses designed to teach the fundamental skills needed to conduct robust and insightful market research. The Principles of Mobile Marketing Research is new self-paced course that explores emerging mobile techniques and how they can be applied to market research. ARF is a proud supporter of the Principles’ programs.

uses technology to make industry-leading market research much faster and more cost-effective. This enables clients to generate insights which fuel their businesses in a matter of hours, bringing the consumer into the business process earlier and more often.