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Measures of Engagement: Volume I

To further encourage constructive dialogue, experimentation with engagement measurement and robust efforts to validate the predictive potential on brand preference, brand loyalty and sales, the ARF assembled a baker’s dozen of measurement approaches.

Measures of Engagement: Volume II

Volume II is rather heavy on the measurement of engagement in brand messages, but that is a welcomed shift in focus. This area (affectionately known as copy testing) has seen little innovation in theory and measurement in the past several decades. So, we are pleased to feature a range of innovative, yet empirically tested approaches to measuring engagement in the brand message.

Engagement: Definitions and Anatomy

It is the purpose of this white paper to engage all of us in engagement as a critical advertising paradigm to replace GRPs in the 21st century.

Experiential Marketing: A Master of Engagement Research

Available for sale in electronic copy only, Experiential Marketing: A Master of Engagement Research on How Engaging Events Pay, synthesizes and extends the studies sponsored by the Event Engagement Consortium to determine how B-to-C event sponsorship and B-to-B trade shows integrate with other marketing activities in creating brand demand.

On the Road to a New Effectiveness Model: Measuring Emotional Responses to Television Advertising

The learning summarized in this report is based on the study of 33 television ads selected from a dozen consumer product/service categories by planning directors at AAAA’s agencies. All the campaigns were judged to have created market impact. In each category at least one ad was judged to be predominantly a “story-telling” ad and one was judged to be predominantly a product or service feature-focused ad with an argument for its value. The white paper contains five key findings, ultimately demonstrating that the story-telling ads generate effectiveness by engagement, rather than by repetition or tonnage. Available in hard copy and electronic.

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To access the ARF’s white papers, go to myARF.