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ARF PowerSearch

PowerSearch is the industry’s most powerful search for research on advertising and marketing effectiveness. ARF members have full access to PowerSearch.

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Efficient Search and High Quality Results

We know members are time-pressed. A conventional search might require performing 15 or 20 searches on the same – or variant – terms across a number of search services. That’s not sufficient or efficient at all. It’s much better to do one search across the best sources. For that reason we created a unified search.

With a single search, you can access nearly 60,000 documents, including:

  • ARF Website
  • Journal of Advertising Research
  • WARC database containing business press, academic and trade journals, case studies, and various awards like those from the IPA (For all WARC articles, summaries are free; document retrieval requires a trial or paid subscription to WARC)
  • Research and summaries of new and historical studies from 50 other sources: ARF member research companies, industry associations, trusted non-member companies, and more
  • Best of all, sources are selected for their relevance and quality so you know you’re working with the best knowledge available.

“Self-describing” Results

ARF PowerSearch provides members with the ability to look into the results and assess, early on, if they’re of interest. This is big, and another way we make search more efficient and productive.

By self-describing results, we mean:

  • Results that tell you something about them without having to open the link
  • The ability to preview documents before you open them, and to search within them.
  • The listing of information contained within each document – author, key persons named, key organizations named, and where they come from.

The same information available for the entire set of results that come back for your search plus terms related to your search that help broaden your thinking and lead to discovery of new or adjacent ideas.

If there’s an organization, name, source ore related term that interests you, you can restrict the results to only those with those selected terms. Clicking on a highlighted word applies a filter that can be used alone or in combination.

“Search and Succeed” with the ARF’s PowerSearch and Morning Coffee

Listen to our tutorial recording on how to use PowerSearch and tap into the wealth of resources on Morning Coffee.

ARF members can “search and succeed” by using PowerSearch, the industry’s best – and only – search engine devoted to advertising, media and marketing research. Bringing together the finest content from the ARF and 50 other sources, PowerSearch should be your first stop. Morning Coffee, a collection of the best online sources for the latest advertising, marketing, and media news and trends complementing PowerSearch, will also be showcased.

Hear Steve Rappaport, ARF Knowledge Solutions Director, demonstrate the ways these tools can be keys to your search success.


  • What PowerSearch is
  • PowerSearch sources
  • How to search effectively
  • How to understand PowerSearch results
  • A few advanced search methods to refine, narrow or expand your search