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Maximizing OOH Impact

October 30, 2017
New York, NY

Event Summary

This session at the ARF was devoted to new sources of data on exposure to and the impact of out-of-home media consumption – specifically, viewing television outside the home and viewing billboards.  Following are some key takeaways from the event.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding OOH viewing to ESPN’s in-home ratings lifts viewing rates for some demographic groups more than others. In particular, Live+Same Day lifts due to out-of-home viewing were higher for females, younger viewers, and Hispanics. Lifts in ESPN audiences due to out-of-home viewing were greatest between noon and 3 PM.
  • Geo-location data from mobile phones can now be used to plan and evaluate OOH campaigns: Clear Channel has developed a service called Radar, which consists of a planning tool, an attribution tool, and a mobile amplification estimation tool. The data powering Radar come from a number of sources of anonymized geolocation data from consumers’ mobile devices. These data can be used to select billboards based on consumers’ travel patterns in the prior 30 days – including their likely home and work locations and the retail establishments they had visited. These data can also be used to estimate the lift in visits to a retail location that can be attributed to passing a billboard.
  • In a case study, Clear Channel found a lift of 69% in visit rates to stores offering a new PlayStation: Clear Channel billboards were selected to maximize exposure to the brand’s target consumers. Consumers who passed the selected billboards advertising the Playstation were 69% more likely than those who hadn’t passed one of these billboards to visit a store offering the PlayStation. Retargeting the mobile devices of consumers who passed the billboards raised the lift rate another 36%
  • A billboard campaign to save endangered species reached 50 million people. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) partnered with National Geographic to create a campaign around a set of photographs of endangered species take by renowned photographer Joel Sartore. Over the course of the campaign, between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2017, these “Photo Ark” images, as , they are called, had appeared on 72,000 out-of-home screens and signs in the top 50 DMAs, reaching 50 million people through OOH media.

Featured Speakers

Proving OOH Works with Mobile Location Data
Andy Stevens
Andy Stevens SVP, Research & Insights, Clear Channel Outdoor

Out of Home – Not Just Billboards
Christian DeBonville
Christian DeBonville Director, ESPN Advertising and Marketing Intelligence, ESPN

Powerful Creative: The National Geographic Photo Ark Campaign
Emma Carrasco Stephen J. Freitas
Emma Carrasco Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer / SVP of Global Strategy, National Geographic Society
Stephen J. Freitas Chief Marketing Officer, OAAA