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Message from the CRO

Paul DonatoPaul Donato

It is a great privilege and fantastic opportunity to serve as Chief Research Officer for the ARF. This organization has an incredible history of accomplishment and service. I look forward to working with the ARF team in this role to tackle some of the critical issues facing advertising today.

I feel as if I am standing in the center of the industry at a time when it needs science and insights now more than ever. From cross-platform to omnichannel, we face increasingly complex decisions that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

It seems everything is at play, from creative to length to the value of traditional methods. The industry needs a strong scientific and independent partner with the depth of the ARF to guide it through these complex decisions.

To help navigate this complexity, the ARF is developing and curating content for our members, that addresses comparability of consumer and media metrics, research quality, and 21st century data, analytics, and technology.

We are conducting critical original research to guide ARF members through the use of the many new methods and the meaning of the numerous new data sets that we’re constantly seeing.

The ARF is collaborating with other industry organizations to define scientifically based standards, and continues to be the standard-bearer of measurement and research.

Can anyone doubt this is the most exciting moment in our industry? I don’t!

I look forward to working with you, through our councils, conferences, and in-person.

All the best,

Paul J. Donato