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ARF Councils


Addressing today’s biggest issues facing our members … by our members.

The ARF Councils focus on key initiatives that allow members a deeper opportunity to engage, learn, and discuss the topics that matter most to them. Key to the Councils is the ability to keep the conversation going throughout the year through meetings, emails, communities, and networking.

Each Council is run by a Council Steering Committee who will determine the direction and the types of activities to address the issues and needs of the members. ARF members can participate by either taking a committee leadership role or just by attending Council activities.

The ARF Councils offer opportunities to share thoughts, discuss issues, learn, and network with industry peers.

ARF Councils

The ARF Councils address key initiatives. At the present, we are focusing on: Cross-Platform Measurement, Creative and Cultural Effectiveness.

Cross-Platform Measurement Council

The Cross-Platform Measurement Council was created to inspire successful consumer-centric advertising, marketing, and media research in an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

The Council explores and demonstrates when, how and why today’s consumer uses different media. It also develops and evangelizes approaches on how best to measure the consumer’s use of different media platforms and explore what the implications of current consumer behavior are for cross-platform media planning, analysis and buying. Additionally, the Council aspires to showcase best and leading practices of how to comprehensively measure the effectiveness of cross-platform advertising and translate this into successful decision making.

ARF Executive Council Lead: 
Jay Mattlin – ARF Research Consultant

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Creative Council

The Creative Council addresses the research around creative best practices and tools that help develop and improve creative.

The cluttered world we live in requires creative executions that are effective in capturing the user’s attention, elicit an emotional reaction, and speak to them. Understanding your user’s behavior through data science and their emotional and cognitive reactions through neuroscience research can help develop and optimize creative to maximize its impact. Also, this Council sets the agenda for research and discussion to guide the integration of different data points (social, digital, media, customers, sale, biometrics,) to maximize the efficiency of the creative execution.

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Cultural Effectiveness Council

The Cultural Effectiveness Council shares cutting-edge knowledge and develops a research agenda about the evolving marketplace and the total market strategies that nest translate into growth.

For advertisers today, embedding a multicultural perspective into their marketing efforts is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Brands that lead with multicultural insights and an inclusive strategic approach reap the highest ROI. With a focus on multicultural, including LGBT and generational groups, we identify insights and marketing, media and advertising decisions that drive business growth.

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For more information, please email councils@thearf.org.