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ARF Member Benefits

Our Mission: To further, through research, the scientific practice of advertising and marketing.


Technology has been both a boon and a bane to marketers: more ways to connect with customers, but far more complexity. There has never been a more critical need for solid information, standards, and transparency. Businesses can only grow when operating on correct information and real insights — drawn from empirical research, objective experiments and valid market tests.

Since 1936, the Advertising Research Foundation has been the standard-bearer for unbiased quality in research on advertising, media and marketing. Its powerful knowledge, unifying standards and best practices have benefited its 400+ member companies many times over. Only the ARF brings together advertisers, agencies, media companies, research companies and ad tech into one conversation about how to be better at what we do.

How ARF membership helps companies succeed:


Lets you add the industry’s top research department to your company – saving your company money and amplifying the power of your internal staff

Members get direct on-demand access to the ARF’s deep expertise and staff of subject matter specialists

Request research reports, collated for you in 48-hours by our business librarians

Gain exclusive 24/7 online access to the ARF Library to address questions and conduct your own research in real-time

Includes resources from ARF publications, event presentations, webcasts, the ARF library of winning strategies, original ARF Research, best-practice case studies and other papers

Access industry norms to compare your results against relevant benchmarks

ARF Leadership Labs provide cost-effective staff training seminars – both on the basics of media, marketing and research and on leading-edge topics. More than 30 topics in the current curriculum

Members receive the Journal of Advertising Research: The ARF’s quarterly publication is the leading peer-reviewed scholarly source for research on essential questions about advertising and marketing

Members receive the ARF’s weekly newsletter highlighting important developments in the field, new findings, quick takes, things you don’t want to miss


MEMBER EVENTS: More than 50 member-only events, held at locations around the US
Focused on such specialized sectors as Finance, Auto, Entertainment, CPG and Tech as well as on such specialized topics as Multi-Touch Attribution, Mobile Marketing and Using Neuroscience Tools
Participate locally in person, globally via live-stream or 24/7 on-demand via our Past Event Resources

ARF CONFERENCES: Priority access to the ARF’s three big annual industry conferences

  • CONSUMERxSCIENCE: Build Brand Success and Creative Impact. Held in March, focused on deep understanding of consumer behavior and drivers of creative excellence
  • AUDIENCExSCIENCE: Quantify and Qualify Your Audience. Held in June, focused on accurately measuring and targeting audiences in a fragmented cross-platform world, and correctly assigning credit for the ROI of diverse marketing activities
  • FORECASTxSCIENCE: Better Predictions for What Comes Next. Held in November in California. Focused on ways of extracting economic value and insights from behavioral data (e.g. Big Data, purchase data, network data and digital footprint data)

Each provides unparalleled insights as speakers compete for stage presence through a submission/judging protocol. ARF conferences are top-notch networking opportunities with the industry’s best and brightest. Members receive significantly discounted rates

ARF COUNCILS: Many members say that some of their best peer-to-peer connections come from participating in an ARF council. Councils are smaller working groups that form around specialized topics to surface problems and issues that the ARF can explore in its research program. Current councils are organized around Cross-Platform Measurement, Developing Great Creative, Cultural Effectiveness in Advertising and Improving Research Quality, with more councils planned for 2018

NURTURE TALENT: ARF members help to develop the next generation of the industry by sending young staff members to the ARF Young Pros, a career development and leadership program for ARF members 30-years-old and younger

PROMOTE DIVERSITY: ARF members promote female leadership and co-mentoring in the industry by sending staffers to the ARF Women in Analytics Program


ARF members steer the conversation about what is important in the world of advertising, marketing, media and measurement

  • Help set the research agenda for the industry
  • Help set standards by which media and advertising are evaluated
  • Promote best practices and honest science-based research

ARF members gain exposure for your company before important industry constituencies

ARF members help shape the research industry by rewarding best practices (through conference and award programs), developing talent (through programs like Young Pros and Women in Analytics)

ARF events provide great opportunities for professional advancement & exposure, for mentorship, for making an impact on the industry

For information about your ARF Membership contact: Membership@thearf.org
For information about becoming an ARF Member contact: New-Member-Info@thearf.org
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