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How Advertising Works™

The ARF’s How Advertising Works™ original research helps our members to drive greater business impact through more effective advertising and consumer insights. Following on from our hugely successful 2016 initiative, unveiled at Re:Think in March 2016, we’re excited to announce our next phase – three new initiatives that expand on the insights of our 2016 breakthroughs.

Here are the 3 original research topics of the ARF for How Advertising Works 2017:

Creating Effective Mobile Advertising

Key question: What are the most impactful ways to create valuable mobile advertising that doesn’t disrupt the consumer experience?

ARF contact:
Paul Donato | pdonato@thearf.org | 646-465-5739

Optimizing Mobile Research: Speaking the Consumer’s Language

Key question: How can surveys be designed to take advantage of the unique ways in which consumers communicate on mobile devices?

ARF contact:
Chris Bacon | Chris@thearf.org | 646-465-5727

Maximizing Media ROI: Cookies vs. Context

Key question: Do the benefits of targeting outweigh those of serving an ad in the right context and what is the right balance?

Key question: To gain a better understanding of how different kinds of audio presentations impact ads. Does audio elevate the listener’s mood which carries over to the ad? Does a live presenter strengthen listener involvement? Does a playlist aligned to the listener’s taste strengthen listener involvement and ad impact?

ARF contact:
Horst Stipp | horst@thearf.org | 646-465-5705