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MacroTrends Forum and Holiday Party


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Friday, December 12, 2014 • 2:00–5:00PM ET

You know the big macro-trends, but how do you get your organization to act on them?

Join an elite group of industry trend leaders as they share their secrets on turning macro-trends into macro-impact.

Learn which business strategies are the ones that will succeed.

Hear from Macro-Trends storytellers and Key presenters.

Connect with industry experts for a panel discussion and Q&A.

Member Holiday Party immediately following at 5:00-7:00PM ET

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Featured Speakers
J. Walker Smith – Executive Chairman, The Futures Company, ARF Macro-Trends Forum Leader
Kathy Sheehan – General Manager, Consumer Trends, GfK, ARF Macro-Trends Forum Committee Member
James Jorasch – Founder, Memory Layer; Founder Memory Layer; Founder, Science House LLC
Rita J. King – EVP, Business Development, Science House LLC
Barry Blyn – VP, Consumer Insighs, ESPN, ARF Macro-Trends Forum Committee Member
Ann Mack – Global Content, Market Insights, Faceboo
As we draw closer to our Forum, we’ll share trends impacting brands from our friends at Brand Keys.

  1. Everyone of a Kind: Consumers will more and more crave – and expect – more and more customized nd personalized products, services and experiences. This will be fueled by…
  1. Magnified Human Technology: Digital and mobile in all forms will fuel the sense of empowerment and possibility for the individual consumer.
  1. Real Brand Engagement: Awareness is a given. Marketers will link “engagement” to how well the brand is perceived versus their category’s Ideal, rather than counting “likes” or just trying to leverage imagery.
  1. The Everything Expectation: The ability for brands to accurately measure real, unarticulated, and constantly-expanding emotional consumer expectations will provide significant advantages to engage, delight, and profit.
  1. Real-Time Becomes Real Important: Increased real-time expectations already subsume brand and will now spread to areas of product availability, delivery, and customer service, all becoming more important influencers in purchase decisions.