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Health & Wellness Forum


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015 • 2:30–6:00PM ET

Maximizing Performance: OTC and Rx Business Drivers and Business Intelligence

The next Health & Wellness forum will focus on providing ARF member attendees insights and new ways to think about their business in the Rx, OTC and retail drug sectors.

Kantar Health will share new analytics to evaluate multiple sources of real-world, evidence-based healthcare data, including primary research, social media listening and pop-up communities to maximize channel mix between brand, detail teams and provider communication.

Yahoo! will provide a native advertising overview and case examples that work in our vertical.

ARF will discuss optimizing your consumer/patient insight methodology with the latest best practices in survey quality and mobile survey techniques.

Join us on February 25 live in Parsippany, New Jersey or via simulcast at our offices in New York for the 2015 premier of the Health & Wellness Forum.

Ashmeed Ali – Director, Insights, Yahoo!
Mark Sales – Head of Global Brand and Customer Experience Management, Kantar Health
Christopher Bacon – EVP, Global Quality Innovation, The ARF

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