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Generations Forum

Don’t Miss the Boat: Thinking Today About how to Communicate with the Next Generation.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 • 2:00–5:00PM ET

Once upon a time, youth marketing was an afterthought, something marketers paid attention to if they had budget left over.  The world has changed. Today, from luxury cars to real estate, marketers across the board are seeing the important role of youth and young adults in setting cultural trends and driving consumer behavior.  As media and technology play an ever‐greater role in our customers’ lives, marketers must stay connected to young consumers to influence today’s growth and tomorrow’s success.

Join us for revolutionary new thinking from leading marketers, academics, and insight gurus on how the youth and young adult market is evolving and what you need to do to connect to this important consumer segment.

The ARF Generations Forum focuses on issues relating to youth and the constituencies that care about them.

Featured Speakers
Rocio Almanza – Associate Researcher, Sesame Workshop
Jake Katz – Vice President, REVOLT TV
Briana Pressey – Research Coordinator, Sesame Workshop
Brett Simpson – VP, Sampling Science and Strategy, Millward Brown

Young Pros Panel
Danielle Hemsley – Associate Research & Consumer Insights, Carat USA
Kasey Nadjadi – Senior Analyst, Ad Sales Research, Viacom Media Networks
Paige Thompson – Manager, Insights Strategy Group

Generations Forum Committee
Donna Sabino – Senior Vice President, Ipsos Kids & Family Center of Excellence
Debbie Solomon – Managing Director, Business Planning, Mindshare

ARF Theme Leader
Christopher Bacon – EVP, Global Quality Innovation, The ARF