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ARF West: Are Surveys Irredeemably Broken? Can Big Data Offer Solutions?

November 14November 15

Are surveys still a credible tool for guiding business decisions? Many argue that the 2016 British and U.S. election polls proved that they are not – that neither low-response-rate conventional samples nor online convenience samples can get it right. Others take the view that, with proper adjustments and quality controls, surveys can continue to provide accurate forecasts to guide business decisions.

Who is right? Given that the costs of being wrong can be very high – both for politicians and for businesses – how much is at stake for marketers?

This fall, the ARF West Conference will occur near the 1-year anniversary of the momentous 2016 presidential election. What have we learned from the polls that can help us engineer better information systems for our companies?

Join us on November 14-15 at Google Headquarters in Mountain View to address:

  • What have the election polls taught us about tradeoffs between “classic” random sample surveys and online panel samples?
  • How effective are propensity weights and other post-sample adjustments in making forecasts more accurate?
  • What are best practices for leveraging social media, search, observational, locational and other types of behavioral data to answer questions traditionally addressed by surveys?
  • How can marketers use varied non-survey data to extract insights into consumer behavior, motives and values – insights that can inspire creative new marketing approaches?
  • How do learnings from election polls affect our view of the accuracy of panels?
  • What value do marketers have in their 1st party customer data? How useful are 3rd party supplements to these customer data? What are best ways of harmonizing the two?
  • What are the most successful case studies of integrating behavioral data with survey data to power state-of-the-art research functions?
  • What are best practices to combine your first party data with third party panel data for true competitive advantage

Among other things, the ARF West will take advantage of its proximity to outstanding universities to include contributions from leading scholars studying these topics.







Reach out to Daniel Bulgrin if interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event (dbulgrin@thearf.org).


To view our 2016 November program, visit: ARF West Mastering Mobile Marketing.


November 14
November 15
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