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Deep Dive Sessions

The Deep Dive Sessions are a series of member only events featuring presentations around the most burning issues facing the industry.

You will hear first-hand how industry leaders are tackling Neuroscience, Cross-Platform, Ad Blocking/Ad Fraud, Mobile Survey Quality, Leadership and more. And you will be able to provoke, debate and network with the best and brightest of your peers — unlocking promising solutions.

Mobile Research Quality:
Continuing the Journey from Clipboard to Handheld

August 4 · 2:00–6:00PM

This event is exclusive and free for ARF members.

An estimated 30% to 40% of all online surveys are completed on a mobile device, and that is growing. Simply designing the “same old” online survey and the sending it out via mobile will not work.

Join the ARF as we share successes, challenge conventions, and experiment with new techniques to optimize Mobile Research Quality.

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Health & Wellness:
People are Patients Too

August 10 · 2:00–6:30PM

This event is exclusive and free for ARF members.

Today, evolving consumer trends are shaping the future of healthcare. Similarly, healthcare marketing is adopting a more targeted, patient-centric model, resulting in a growing need for more data and deeper consumer insights.

Join the ARF as we help healthcare marketers increase their chances for connecting with their target audience in motivating ways.

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August 16 · 5:00–6:30PM

This event is exclusive and free for ARF members.

One of our industry’s biggest challenges today is how to effectively invest in media across different platforms. In this session, we will review:

  • Consumer behavior across different platforms.
  • How viewability impacts your media investment.
  • Evolving the effectiveness of your cross-platform advertising to keep up with today’s consumer and achieve ROI.

432 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor
New York, NY

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