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MARCH 27-28, 2018

Mark your calendar to attend the ARF’s flagship March conference CREATIVExSCIENCE, with its theme “Understand What Drives Today’s Consumer.” The conference turns its focus on a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the drivers of creative excellence.

Wonkier, more controversial topics may get more than their fair share of attention these days. But understanding consumer behavior and attitudes is a must in creating effective marketing that triggers desires and identification.

Now in its 64th year, CREATIVExSCIENCE 2018 will include a mix of inspiring main stage and breakout presentations by the industry’s best-and-brightest, plus networking opportunities galore.

Topics include

  • Understanding consumer segments
  • Translating path-to-purchase trends into sales
  • Using new tools, like A.I. and cognitive learning, to succeed in our connected world
  • Delve into must-know areas such as ad blocking
  • Linking your Brand to cultural trends to help your Brand become a cultural trend
  • Maximizing the role and use of social/earned media

Plus the ARF’s 24th David Ogilvy Awards, recognizing how it all comes together in outstanding campaigns that drive communication excellence in categories like brand transformation, changing consumer behavior, and unexpected targeting and segmentation.

New Venue

Manhattan’s largest waterfront venue, Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers, is the exciting new site for CREATIVExSCIENCE 2018. Besides the magnificent Hudson River views, you’ll also find state-of-the-art electronics, and amenities such as valet parking and shuttle bus service. Pier Sixty is also accessible by public transportation.