Politicians are Data-Driven Brands, Too

Insights From Big Data and the Impact on Political Campaigns.

Learn how Dstillery used location, behavioral and survey data to analyze Iowa Caucus and Super Tuesday primary results.  From working parents, to sport fans, to techies, Dstillery’s intelligence uncovered surprising audience traits for the presidential candidates.  And the result?  Micro-audience targeting strategy matters.  

Lauren Moores – VP, Strategy, Dstillery

Timing IS Everything: Purchase-Driven Planning – the New ROI Paradigm


Discover how to use a totally new approach to media planning and evaluation that Nielsen Catalina Solutions calls Purchase-Driven Planning. Learn how to drive ROI and why this new approach differs from current concepts such as Recency, so you will gain a greater understanding of how media works. This new approach can be utilized to maximize ROI across TV and Digital ad campaigns for CPG products — before the media is purchased.

Advertisers can also determine if their creative is driving sales, and which audience segments are most responsive to it.  We’ll share our roadmap, which includes expanding this solution to additional media platforms and more! Led by Leslie Wood Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions.


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