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Is the Future of TV Programmatic?

The panel discussion, “Is the Future of TV Programmatic?” was a highlight at comScore’s first industry summit on the future of audiences and advertising.  Josh Chasin, writing for the comScore Insights blog, discussed the working definition developed by the panel, “Programmatic is simply about automation.”  However, the panelists also felt that “one of the principal implications of this automation is the opportunity to introduce data assets into the transaction process in a more efficient way than ever before.”

Chasin points out that the panelists were all strongly positive on programmatic growth in TV advertising transaction; however, they also unanimously believe that the upfronts will continue in the near future.  As long as the demand for TV advertising inventory exceeds the available supply, there will be an upfront market in order to secure access to that inventory.

However, this TV inventory (or “video inventory” is the term preferred by the panelists) will increasingly be transacted programmatically.  In addition, the scatter market is expected to develop in a similar manner to the RTB, the exchange-based market in the digital space.  Programmatic platforms will enable scatter deals to get done closer to real time.

The panelists agreed that TV is going programmatic, which will benefit both buyers and sellers.

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