TV addressability

Editor’s Note: Just a few of the interviewee’s comments, full interview with link. Omnicom’s CRO Addresses the Realities of TV Addressability via AdExchanger (interview with OMG’s Jonathan Steuer)


  • Historically, there’s research that supports planning and there’s attribution data and measurement data that supports everything from ad effectiveness measurement to where the audiences are, that’s different from the all-Nielsen world that TV has traditionally operated in. And I want to connect all of this to the world of data-driven television
  • You can argue the numbers, but there are probably only about 25 million addressable linear households where you can put the ad directly into an ad pod. And another 10 million to 25 million, depending on how you count – where you can do addressable on demand
  • What’s today branded as programmatic TV is remnant inventory from cable operators and local broadcasters. That’s getting rolled up by companies with technology platforms that can run viewership against targeting data. They try to package up the small amounts of inventory they have access to in ways that make it more data-driven. Then they put it in a platform that allows for some amount of automation

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