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Millennials Are Most Trusting When It Comes To Advertising

Nielsen’s recent global report on “Global Trust in Advertising: Winning Strategies for an Evolving Media Landscape” found that trust levels in advertising for the past two years have remained fairly consistent across paid, owned, and earned media.   This press release about the report points out that Millennials (age 21-34) exceed the average consumer in terms of levels of trust in almost all advertising formats/channels.  Not only did Millennials have the highest levels of trust in online and mobile formats, but they showed the highest levels of trust in most forms of traditional media.

Millennials are also the generational group who are the most willing to take action on 16 of the 19 advertising formats.  According to Randall Beard, President, Nielsen Expanded Verticals, “Millennials consume media differently than their older counterparts, exercising greater control over when and where they watch, listen and read content—and on which device.” He also stated, “But even if they rely less heavily on traditional channels, their trust and willingness to act on these formats remains high. While an integrated, multi-channel approach is best across all generations, it carries even more importance when reaching Millennials.”

Survey respondents, in general, reported that their action levels as a result of advertising actually exceeded trust levels for 14 out of 19 advertising formats reviewed.  According to Nielsen, this suggests that trust is not always a prerequisite for purchase.

This survey is based on the behavior of respondents with online access.  The full report is available by completing a form on Nielsen’s website.

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