It’s About Time, Literally: Ad Industry Eyes Temporal Planning

Joe Mandese presents information on a new media planning tool, RFT (reach–frequency-time), to be introduced by Telmar early in 2016. This tool calculates reach and frequency based on the amount of time consumers actually spend with media.

According to this article in Media Post, RFT is not intended to replace conventional reach and frequency models, but it expands the options available to advertisers and agencies.

Telmar conducted a pilot study as a “proof of concept” for the RFT analyzer using candidates for the 2016 Presidential election.  This Media Post article provides additional details about this study.

According to Telmar President Corey Panno, the new RFT analyzer isn’t intended to be used as a form of media-buying “currency,” although it will be replicating the studies and offering the tool in markets where there is little or no audience data available, including emerging markets in Africa, Asia and South America.  But the real purpose of the analyzer is simply to give planners and ad executives another way to think about the role of consumer time spent with media plays in planning reach and frequency.

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