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Gen Z-The Next Target of Marketers

Gen Z, the generation of teens following Millennials are the next target of marketers, according to Ashley Rodriguez, writing for Advertising Age.

Members of Gen Z have their own unique set of characteristics:

-Practical and value conscious.

-Seek best quality at the right price.

-Value experiences.

-Risk takers who thrive on discovering something new and different.

-Creative and entrepreneurial.

-Want to be unique and not blend in.

-Consider technology as a given since they were raised with it.

-Utilize the vast amount of available information.

-They’re loyal once they find a brand, product or service that they like.

-Have great potential as brand ambassadors.

-Use social media to instantly share both good and bad experiences with a brand.

-Focus on a rental, rather than ownership model, such as cars and formal dresses.

-Drawn to nostalgia.

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