Social Media Has the Potential to Influence Undecided Voters


How do information sources shape voters’ political views in our increasingly polarized society? New research compares the effects of mainstream media and social media on U.S. consumers who vote Democrat, Republican or identify as undecided. The findings point to the powerful potential influences of social media, especially on undecided voters, such as in determining the outcome of presidential elections. The study also suggests political marketing strategies to influence potential voters.

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NYCU: Invitation to Take an ESOMAR Survey

ESOMAR, NewMR and Confirmit have established a global partnership of more than 20 organizations, who are all reaching out to their members, contacts and clients, to conduct a short survey to benchmark our sectors performance, and to establish targets for improvement. Everybody who takes part in the survey will be able to register FREE for the ESOMAR Insights Festival which runs September 14-17, where they hope to share some topline findings. The registration link is here Please follow the process and use your Free registration code, which is: INSIGHTSFESTIVAL2020_CLIENTSURVEY_FDF In addition, you can also register to receive a free copy of the final report and keep an eye out for the exclusive Client Talk Show (Brands / Clients Connect), which is launching in September, too! The link for the survey, which should take you less than 10 minutes to complete, is here. Note that in this study we are only looking for the views of clients/users of insights and market research. If your organization commissions and uses research, then we’d like to hear from you. Because so many organizations are working together, you may receive several invitations from different organizations. Please only take the survey once. We are using technical solutions to help ensure the integrity of the research, but your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your participation, and please don’t forget to register for the Insights Festival and your free copy of the results.  

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