The Evolution of “OTT” and “CTV”

While there is still some disagreement over the definition of “OTT” and “CTV”, most use these terms now in a new way that reflects the changes in the media landscape and viewer behavior during the last five years. 

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The Evolution of “OTT” and “CTV”


Towards the end of 2018, the ARF issued a Knowledge at Hand report and a CMO Brief each called The OTT Revolution. Since then, the OTT revolution has not only continued but it has accelerated. Moreover, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, increasing the rate of this acceleration. At the same time, the meaning of the term OTT has changed.

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Streaming Viewing Continues to Grow

Nielsen finds that streaming TV viewing accelerated in June — rising to a 33.7% share of total viewing. According to Nielsen’s “The Gauge” measure, this is the biggest increase since the measurement began over a year ago. Read more »

Advertising and Streaming

There are three kinds of streaming services. The fastest growing right now are “FAST.” Attitudes about TV advertising appear to be one driver of FAST’s growth.   

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