shopper insights

The Modern Day Food Gatherer

Ipsos reports that 45% of grocery shoppers go to two or three stores, and 30% shop at four or more stores. Shoppers who shop at only one grocery are in the minority. Read more »

Online Shoppers Want Flexibility

Online shoppers are looking for alternative delivery options, states the latest UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Study highlighted in WARC. This is particularly true in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, where 45% of respondents would prefer to have their order delivered to locations other than home. 33% want their order to be sent to a local retail location. Read more »

Buying Time

Euromonitor highlights the top global consumers trends for 2015. Among the themes: connected health, the rise of lightweight living, and buying convenience. Read more »

The Average Luxury Shopper May Surprise You

The true luxury shopper (one financially able to purchase high end items throughout the year) is most likely to be an Asian or Middle Eastern male aged 25-44 years old with no kids, according to a report from Epsilon and Luxury Institute cited in the Wall Street Journal. Read more »

Young Men Lead Smartphone Shopping

Seventy-six percent of male smartphone owners aged 18-34 make purchases on their smartphones in a typical month, compared to only 59% of females in that age group, according to research from the IAB and Precision Marketing Insights. Additional findings on holiday shopping from this report: Read more »

The End of the Impulse Shopper

The Wall Street Journal reports that “a new intentionality has taken hold of shopping. Many Americans have the money and the will to spend. But they are time-pressed and deal savvy, visiting stores only when they run out of items like cereal or toilet paper and after doing extensive research on purchases online and with friends.  Read more »