What Motivates Consumers to Re-Tweet Brand Content? The Impact of Information, Emotion, and Traceability on Pass-Along Behavior

This article from the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research analyzes the cues that influence pass-along behavior (re-Tweeting) of brand messages on Twitter.  Theo Araujo, Peter Neijens, and Rens Vliegenthart, all from the University of Amsterdam, analyzed 19,343 global brand messages over a three-year period, and found that rich information content about the brand and its products were predictors of higher levels of re-Tweeting. Especially effective were product details and links to a brand’s website, social network sites, and photos or videos.

In addition, the authors found that although emotional cues did not influence re-Tweeting on their own, they reinforced the effects of informational cues and traceability cues (hashtags) when combined in the same message.

This article also provides a literature review on the subject, methodology for the study, a presentation of the results, a discussion of the results and findings, managerial implications, limitations and recommendations for future research.


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